UFC On Fox – Henderson Vs. Melendez Preview

Updated: April 19, 2013


I have previewed all the fights on the FOX main card portion of fights. All the picked winners by me are strictly for picking winners. They are not necessarily who I would bet on, that all depends on the lines. If that doesn’t make sense to you perhaps gambling isn’t your thing in the first place and you should just be reading this for fun like it’s intended to be. If it pisses you off because I didn’t pick “your boy” please do tell me in the comments section what a moron I am because I didn’t pick a guy you’ve never met in your life that is plastered all over your bedroom.

Here we go!

Matt Brown Vs. Jordan Mein

Brown is coming off an impressive display against Mike “Quick” Swick. He is on a 4 fight win streak against middling UFC competition. Mein is coming into this fight as his second UFC fight, after an impressive first round KO of Dan Miller in March. He’s on a two fight win streak. This might be a big step up in competition for Mein. If he can handle Brown he’ll be on the road for bigger fights in the future. But, Brown is the better more polished and well rounded fighter. Mein is still just 23 so he could still have a bright future.

The Pick: Matt Brown


Nate Diaz Vs. Josh Thomson

Nate Diaz is coming off an impressive streak. He lost his last fight to Benson Henderson, who if you didn’t know is the champ. But, previous to that he was coming off victories versus Donald Cerrone, Jim Miller and Takanori Gomi. That is an impressive list of fighters, and Nate beat them or finished them pretty handily. Nate has all the talent in the world, the only problem is, how motivated is he? Josh Thomson on the other hand is coming off almost a year long layoff. His last fight was, as luck would have it, a loss to the guy fighting for the Championship versus Henderson on this card for the Strikeforce title. So, both of these gentlemen have lost to the headliners on this card in their last fights. With that said, Nate is the better fighter and will win this one in a decision.

The Pick: Nate Diaz


Frank Mir Vs. Daniel Cormier


Frank Mir just can’t seem to get back up over the hump. He gets the shot at the belts he wants but he can never perform up to the standard needed to be champion, again. In his last 7 fights he’s fought for the belt 3 times and lost them all. Getting beaten up in the process, Brock Lesnar, Shane Carwin and Junior Dos Santos have each dominated Mir, not letting him out of the second round in any of those fights. But, when Mir is not fighting for a titale he seems to be doing pretty well. He is 4-0 in non-championship bouts in his last 7 fights. Is it the pressure of the big bouts that holds Mir back or the increase in competition?  Whatever the case we’re going to find out this weekend. Cormier is one of those big strong bombers that can end fights quickly. He doesn’t have a huge line up of big names as part of his 11-0 record. But in his last 3 fights he has beaten Nick Barnett and Antonio Silva. That right there is some serious competition. Cormier has said he will be shutting Frank Mir’s mouth this weekend and we will see. Is Cormier all hype? Frank Mir is usually pretty good at weeding those guys out. Unfortunately for Mir, I don’t think that is the case. Give me Cormier in this one. It wont go the distance, either.

The Pick: Daniel Cormier


Benson Henderson Vs. Gilbert Melendez


Henderson is on a 6 fight win streak with some pretty big names mixed in. His last fight he dominated Nate Diaz for 5 rounds. The two wins versus Frankie Edgar could have gone either way, with many believeing Edgar won the last one. None of that really matters. Henderson is the UFC Light-Weight Champ. Melendez is the out going Strikeforce Champion. He is on a 7 fight win streak of his own, albeit, against less impressive competition. Melendez is a great fighter but I believe he is punching up a little bit in this one. I don’t think he can handle Henderson and will fall down the rankings when he gets exposed a little more to guys like Frankie Edgar (if he comes back), Nate Diaz, Gray Manard etc… Or maybe I just don’t trust the guys from Strikeforce and will be totally proven wrong. Too bad it usually goes the other way. Henderson sets up the blood fued match with Anthony Pettis.

The Pick: Benson Henderson




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