NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

Updated: November 8, 2012

Posted by Ryan Courcelle

Week 9 didn’t show us too many crazy games or upsets. Some teams are going to move up and down based on what I had them at because they have now shown they are what their record says they are. There are a few teams it was just too difficult to fathom sucking this badly, or teams playing as if there is some divine intervention going on. Hints? Maybe. Does it have anything to do with Tim Te bow? Hell no. It’d be nice to stop talking about that guy. What? I should stop talking about him then? Touche, voice inside my head, touche. So, here we go again, the NFL Week 10 Power Rankings are here. As always, remember these are not standings but power rankings. A ranking of teams I think can beat other teams based on only me and my observations……and maybe some bias. With out further ramblings here are the rankings.

1. Atlanta Falcons (8-0, previous ranking – 1)

Well, I predicted an upset last week. I thought this team was ripe for an upset. While they didn’t play great, again, they found a way to win a close game. Teams that win the close ones often do well. I’d be a little concerned with how the offence couldn’t put up some more points and didn’t look very good to start the game. But at the same time I could praise the defence keeping them in the game, holding the Cowboys to FGs while the offence was struggling. No reason for these guys to move. STILL, unbeaten.

2. Houston Texans (7-1, 2)

They are just getting the job done. I really would have to think hard about who I’d take in a neutral game with Atlanta. The difference is, this team got pounded and showed some weakness once in this season while Atlanta has not. The defence is on fire and the run game chews up the clock. Matt Schaub is a very smart QB who doesn’t do anything stupid to put his team in a bad position. That’s all that’s needed. With a showdown with Chicago this week we’llsee who holds this spot next week.

3. San Francisco 49ers (6-2, 3)

Where’s Chicago? Yes, yes, I know, Chicago looks phenomenal on defence. Relax, I just think Chicago NEEDS to force a ton of turnovers to win games because of how hot and cold the offence is. This 49ers team doesn’t turn the ball over. They can also stuff a mediocre offence. A team that can run like this (1st in league) and play this kind of defence (2nd in league) can grind teams out. Funny, it may be better for them to play on the road rather than at home, in the playoffs, with their style.

4. Chicago Bears (7-1, 4)

I know, I know, the Bears should be way higher. Look how their defence is playing! Yes, the defence is playing well. Actually, the defence is scoring and recording turnovers at a record pace. BUT, they are allowing some yardage. They are dead centre of the league in passing yards against. I’ve always thought of turnovers as somewhat flukey, especially fumbles, so I expect those to come down a ton. Which in turn will put some more pressure on their mediocre offence to score more points. I’m coming around, but I just can’t imagine them keeping this up. They have the opportunity to jump up this week versus the Texans.

5. Green Bay Packers (6-3, 5)

Green Bay took out the trash this week. They don’t get bonus points for beating up on the Cardinals so they can’t move up these rankings. But, if they keep playing well and winning games they will start to move up this board. They have a big game against the Lions this week, in Detroit. Divisional game on the road. It should be tough but I can see Aaron Rodgers abusing that Lions secondary. This may be one where I’d bet over if the number was put at 68.5. But back to the Packers, they can’t rush the ball and they can’t stop the pass. Not usually a good combination. They do, however, have a knack to elevate their game as witnessed while shit stomping two of the teams above them.

6. New England Patriots (5-3, 6)

The Patriots could be undefeated this season. All three of their losses have been by no more than 2 points. They are top 5 in both passing and rushing offence. The problem lies in their pass defence. They will not be able to skate through with a pass D that ranks in the bottom 5 of the league. If they fixed that up on the bye, look out for these guys the rest of the way.

7. Denver Broncos (5-3, 8)

Can everyone do me a favour and stop with the Eli versus Peyton debates? This is not a close debate. Peyton will go down as an all time great, maybe the best ever. Eli will go down as his brother that won a couple Super Bowls with a great defence. Now that that’s out of the way, this Broncos team is good and getting better. You’ve been warned.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3, 9)

So, here come the Steelers. Isaac Redman, yes, Isaac Redman, shredded the Giants last week. The defence shutdown Eli Manning and the passing game did enough to win this game. It was an emotional game for the Giants because of Super-storm Sandy. The Steelers flew in to New York the day of the game which is unheard of because of prep time needed. But they did it and came in and won this game. If I could move them up more I would, but, with losses to Tennessee and Oakland on the record they are going to have to show more.

9. New York Giants (6-2, 7)

This is as far as the Giants are going to fall. There just isn’t any team behind them that I have any confidence in beating them. I know the Giants can lose to any team at any time and they have not looked good though, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see it. Eli has thrown for less than 200 yards in three of the past four games. Is this just the mid-season swoon this team is known for? Probably, but if so, this is the mid-season drop in rankings I’m going to give them as well. Yes, I am aware they have won 3 of those 4 games. But they haven’t look like even a good team since that win against the 49ers 4 games ago.

10. Baltimore Ravens (6-2, 10)

The  Ravens are a team I can see falling like a rock at some point. But right now, there is no reason to move them down. They had trouble against a feisty Browns team. If the Browns could have been scoring touchdowns rather than kicking five field goals. But a win is a win for the most part. Flacco and this offence are going to need to start to look better to carry this team. The defence just isn’t going to get it done like it used to.

11. Seattle Seahawks (5-4, 13)

I stand by my thoughts from last week. This is a team that can only win at home and I see 8-8 in their future, at best 9-7. But that right there gets you a nice comfy spot at 11 as there really isn’t any team out there I can say even that about. Lynch has been a beast for this offence.

12. Indianapolis Colts (5-3, 17)

I expected there to be a 2 in this ranking for most of the year, but I didn’t expect it to be the second number, unless there was a 3 in front of it. This team has rallied around the unfortunate situation with their Head Coach Chuck Pagano. Winning 4 straight games has the league on notice. This team is much better, much quicker then expected. With this Thursday night game against the Jags, this team will be 6-3. Some divine intervention or just a collection of men that are digging deep inside to overcome adversity? Lets all find out together shall we?

13. Detroit Lions (4-4, 14)

Detroit is playing at a respectable level the last couple of weeks. They still need to tighten that defence and get Calvin Johnson more involved but all-in-all the are winning football games again. They have the number one passing attack in the league but need to translate that in to more points. BIG match-up with Minnesota this week, in Minnesota. Vikings fans will be ready for this one. Will Detroit be?

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-4, 18)

Doug Martin, where have you been all my life? Is what I would be saying if I had Mr. Martin on any of my fantasy teams. He has racked up 486 yards from scrimmage, with 6 touchdowns over the last TWO games. TWO GAMES!!! That has opened up the passing game, and with number like that, who cares what the defence is doing. They have winnable games versus San Diego and at Carolina the next two weeks before a showdown versus Atlanta.

15. New Orleans Saints (3-5, 21)

Is it too early to move them back up in to the top half of the league? I don’t think so. No team below them has established themselves as anything but inconsistent. Give me the team that has Drew Brees over the rest of them. After an 0 – 4 start they have gone 3-1 the last 4 weeks. This game in Atlanta this week is huge for the Saints season. Starting 3-6 is going to pretty much end their season. The defence playing decently lately is really going to help this team that relies far too much on the offence.

16. Dallas Cowboys (3-5, 11)

Here’s the thing with the Cowboys, they are not good enough to overcome all the mistakes they have committed this year. From turnovers to penalties. This is a talented team that plays like they haven’t been coached in their lives. But, they can beat any team in the league at any time. All teams they have lost to this year are in the top 11 so I think this, right in the middle is a good spot for them. Big game against the Eagles this week. Battle of the disappointments.

17. Miami Dolphins (4-4, 12)

Oh Dolphins, what a tease you are. How can you be taken seriously if you have losses to the Jets, Cardinals and Colts? Not really a murderers row of teams there. Yes, it has been a nice start for the Dolphins being .500, but they have had a Downey soft schedule so far. Things are about to get worse and I probably should have left them down in this area in the first place.

18. Cincinnati Bengals (3-5, 15)

The Bengals have had their issues against the good teams this year, and a loss thrown in against the Browns really hurts. But, they played the Broncos tough last week and that has to count for something. A big win at home versus the seemingly vulnerable Giants would go a long way to pushing this team closer to a playoff spot. Andy Dalton needs to take this team by the throat and will them to a win here. It’s needed for this young team to move forward.

19. San Diego Chargers (3-4, 28)

I know, a team really shouldn’t move up 9 spots because they spanked the lowly Chiefs. But really, San Diego was down that far because of a game and a half where they went to sleep. If they have woken up it is possible they could find themselves fighting for the division. They will need everyone on the same page for that to happen and that falls on Nov Turner’s shoulders. So again, this is only a win against the Chiefs, but hopefully it is a wake up call.

20. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5, 16)

The Eagles, much like their division counterpart and week 10 foe Cowboys, have the talent to be much better than they are showing. This team has a horrible offensive line, but they have the weapons surrounding Vick and even Vick himself, that should be able to overcome that. A loss this week would all but end their season. Marcus Vick should probably shut up, too.

21. Minnesota Vikings (5-4, 19)

Well, that 4-1 start was fun wasn’t it Vikings fans? Since then they are 1-3 with losses to such juggernauts as the Redskins, Bucs and Seahawks. This team was always a pretender that can’t win on the road. They can’t pass the ball and can’t stop the run. This is not going to get better as the season goes on. But hey, it looks like the Wild may get back on the ice before new year, so you Minnesotans have that.

22. Buffalo Bills (3-5, 22)

Should the Bills be a little higher based on their good showing against the Texans? Maybe. But I just don’t see the Bills being much of anything until that defensive line is playing how they should be playing. The offence is very up and down with the shaky QB play from Fitzpatrick. Now Stevie Johnson is nicked up as well as the two RBs. It just doesn’t feel like a team that is going to turn it on, or even can turn it on. Maybe I’m proven wrong. I’m going to stick to the Bills script, top 10 pick next year.

23. Washington Redskins (3-6, 20)

Ruh-Roh, Shaggy. The Redskins are just about done. Oh wait, according to Mike Shanahan they are done. And of course he is right. Being 3-6 is not a good thing. Do we still want to talk about RGIII and Andrew Luck? At some point you need to make all the throws. RGIII while very good still has a lot of learning to do. With that said, he has lost his number 1 wide receiver and number 1 tight end. It’s tough to keep coming up with plays when that happens. With the injuries on defence you can’t expect them to help out too much either.

24. Carolina Panthers (2-6, 30)

Here’s a team, that can win some ball games if they are properly motivated and execute properly. The talent is there to score points. Cam Newton, Steve Smith, Jonathon Stewart, Deangelo Williams etc… are quite capable of putting up numbers. There are teams out there doing far more with far less on offence. Last week was a big win. Now they need some consistency going forward. More maturity would be a good first step….from everyone.

25. St. Louis Rams (3-5, 26)

They get a little bump on their bye after the teams below them all lost. Some embarrassingly so. Plus the have a better record so why not. This team needs some more weapons on offence before they can be taken seriously. Sam Bradford needs to step up…..but who’s he really going to be tossing the ball to? Good news, Amendola appears to be well ahead of schedule to come back, there’s some good news!

26. Cleveland Browns (2-7, 25)

They gave it the good college try. The Ravens are not a team that is as good as most think, but they should be a far superior team to this Browns team. The Browns scored 5 times but they all just happened to be field goals. If you can only score field goals you will rarely win in this league. They are going to be better as the season progresses and in to the future, but for now, they are a bottom 5-10 team. But at least there is the Cavaliers? Indians? Ohhhhhh. Not so good, huh? Hang in there Cleveland!

27. Arizona Cardinals (4-5, 27)

Another week, another peg the Cardinals fall down the standings. That is five losses in a row now after that great 4-0 start. That’s what happens when you have no run game and no QB to throw the ball. It’s going to be a long tough last 7 games for this team. Poor, poor Larry. By the way, a road trip to Atlanta is not going to be fun this week either.

28. Oakland Raiders (3-5, 23)

The Raiders have some pretty decent wins this year, starting with the Steelers, but they have been beaten up pretty good as well. Giving up that monster game to Doug Martin last week was a black eye for this defence. The offence is trying but they are very mistake prone and Run DMC missing time is going to hurt as well. Don’t count on being very happy the rest of the year Raiders fans.

29. Tennessee Titans (3-6, 24)

I thought if Chris Johnson could turn it around this season the Titans would fare much better because they would be able to control the clock more and keep that defence off the field. It has not worked out as planned. Them giving the ball away left and right, Johnson included, did not help in getting shit stomped by the Bears this past week. This team gives up 35+ like it’s going out of style! Jake Locker coming back this week may add a spark to the passing game. He has the arm Hasselbeck does not.

30. New York Jets (3-5, 31)

Another bye week bump. This team should be higher than this, but the disorder on the roster is holding them back. You can’t play the quarterback position looking over your shoulder constantly like Sanchez is. They are trying to put that to bed by continually telling the media Tim Te bow is the back up and Sanchez is the starter and that’s that. But as long as Te bow is on the roster that is all people are going to continue to talk about….unless there is some divine intervention. Getting old?

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7, 29)

After a pretty good showing against the Packers the week before Jacksonville went out and laid an egg. Is it still considered laying an egg if you tried your hardest and you just suck? Yeah, I think so. This team is not using their weapons properly, of course to do that you need a quarterback that can stand in the pocket and deliver a good ball. Justin Blackmon is grossly underused by this team so far. Hopefully MJD comes back soon or I can’t see this team winning another game.

32. Kansas City Chiefs (1-7, 32)

This team is just in shambles. There were many who thought these guys could compete for the division title this year. Problem is, this team doesn’t have anything working, except the run game of course, but with the putrid passing attack it doesn’t seem to matter. They have some games against some of the other bottom feeders in the league left on their schedule so they could find another win somewhere. But my money is still on them for the number 1 pick in the draft. Good news, they do need a QB.

There it is once again, the Sportstok Power Rankings. I’ll be on a hiatus next week as I’m going to be in Jamaica for a wedding so please, be prepared to come hard in the comments section to praise all my placements. I’m sure as always you all agree. And as always, don’t be pissed with me for where you team ranks, be pissed at your team for not being better. Until next time.


  1. Bill Wheeler

    November 9, 2012 at 11:17 am

    Love the fact that you called out your bias this week. Must have really hurt you to drop your ‘boys to 16 (still in the top 50%). Can’t wait to see where you put them after the loss to the Eagles!!!

    Wondering if you can add the following for the following weeks (for the casual reader):

    Opponent for the particular week (it is not always mentioned in the rankings).

    ex. 16. Dallas Cowboys (3-5, 11, Phi)

  2. Ryan Courcelle

    Ryan Courcelle

    November 20, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    That’s a good suggestion, Mr. Wheeler. Consider it done! I think this week’s power rankings are going to be fun to do. Starting them as I speak….or text….type. whatever.

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