NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

Updated: October 25, 2012

Posted by Ryan Courcelle

Please read and enjoy, or bitch and moan your team isn’t high enough. That works, too. Just remember, this is not the NFL Weekly Standings. I think we can all read the standings and wouldn’t need a power rankings if I was just going to rank teams by record. This is who I think is the best team based on right now. Who I think can beat who. I don’t care what the records say! Now lets delve in with the top ten first.

1)The Atlanta Falcons (6-0) top this list. I know they have looked a little shaky the last little while. Especially, Matt Ryan, who came out on fire. But, they are still undefeated and there isn’t a team that hasn’t looked shaky this season. Until someone beats them, this is where they stay.

2) Yes, the 4-3 Green Bay Packers are my #2 team on this list. Hold on to your, “But how can a 4-3 team be this high?” nonsense. First look up and read where this is not a standings. This is a power ranking. These Green Bay Packers really should be 5-2 if not for an awful call at the end of the Seahawks game. A call so awful it got the game officials past their lockout. They have also shit stomped the only other two teams I would consider in this spot (Houston and Chicago). So here they are. Would you want to face them?

3) This Texans team (6-1) have looked incredible most of the season. They would be higher if they would have had a better showing against Green Bay. But alas, they got creamed. Otherwise, their season has been very impressive. I didn’t think the ground control was going to work so well after dispatching one of the best RTs in the game in the offseason. Arian Foster is a beast all over the field. Matt Schaub is good when called upon. Which, with Foster and that defence, isn’t very often.

4) Chicago (5-1) being here seems way too high for me. This team seems to be “lucky”. There are a lot of holes in this offence and the defensive turnovers are saving this team. How many times can they expect a RB to try to extend past the goal line from the 5 yard line, leaving the ball out there easily snatched up? They had trouble putting down a team begging to be put down in the Detroit Lions. That offensive line is not championship calibre, but they are 5-1 and finding ways to win.

5) This is a good spot for the 49ers (5-2). They have shown some holes while also flexing their great defensive muscle. Add in the very nice run game and you have a team that can chew the clock and grind out games. Their big problem is when they get down a couple of scores early. They have no way to come back from that as the QB position is handled by the most prototypical game manager. Alex Smith may need to be replaced if this team is going to really go places. Even as built though, they should make some noise in the playoffs again this year.

6) This Giants team (5-2) loves to get down and comeback. Which is great, until a team doesn’t let your #1 WR fly down the field, uncovered, for a last minute touchdown. But I’m sure that’s just the way Eli and company had drawn it all up.  With that said, they are winning and deserve to be up here on this power rankings. A small stumbling block may be their 0-2 record versus their main competition in division (Dallas and Philadelphia). They get to try to rectify that this week in the rematch with Dallas. That game is huge for both teams.

7) This has been a very strange year for the Patriots (4-3). It’s been uncharacteristically up and down. This team could very easily have two more wins this season. Late miscues hurt them against the Seahawks and the Cardinals. So why are they rated higher than the Seahawks and the Cardinals (And the Ravens for that matter)? Because they are the Patriots. That’s all that matters right now.

8) What’s that you say? The Broncos are only (3-3)? Yeah, well, they are 3-3 playing with a QB that didn’t play all of last year and implementing an entirely different offensive scheme, from run at all costs to run when necessary. Peyton Manning is just starting to get into his groove. He will continue to get better and better the more comfortable he gets. The run game is there when needed and this defence proved very capable at the end of last year. They may just be getting started at this spot.

9) This is a spot for this team where people can argue both sides. Some don’t believe in the Vikings (5-2) and some REALLY believe in the Vikings. I’m in the middle. Percy Harvin is one of the best overall weapons in the league. Adrian Peterson is just getting up to speed after his knee injury from last year. Christian Ponder is becoming a very good game manager, may be something better in near future. The defence has played well but definitely has some holes. They also have 4 of the 5 wins at home. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they start to hit the road a little more.

10) The Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3) have lost to some teams this year that they really should never lose to. But, with so much parity this year between the teams there are a lot of teams where you could say the same thing. When this defence gets right they will be fine and probably take that division. As long as they can stay focused on the teams they are supposed to beat. Losing to Oakland and Tennessee is not something championship calibre teams do.

And now the rest…

ravensBaltimore Ravens


Relax Ravens fans. Your team is not as good as the record. Especially, after all the injuries. It’s nice to get Terrell Suggs back but it wont be enough to close those gaping holes in the run game. They are being run all over. Now without Webb, they will get beat in the secondary as well. On offence Flacco is still too unpredictable to count on at any point in time. Could be a lot higher in a couple of weeks. But could be much further down as well.

seahawksSeattle Seahawks


This team is such a strange team. The defence is lights out most of the time and the offence depends on the run game for the most part. But, Russell Wilson has shown some flashes of brilliance, while also showing he is a rookie. I have no confidence this team will be here in two weeks. I also have no confidence in which direction they will be going. Really going to have to show they can play better than Seahawk droppings on the road to go anywhere, though.

cowboysDallas Cowboys


This may seem high to some and low to others. This team is a confusing mess of talent and inadequacies. After storming out of the gates be beating the Super Bowl champion Giants in New York, in front of a national audience, they have been up and down….mostly down. But they could easily be 4-2 right now with better clock management in Baltimore. They have played 4 of the first 6 on the road so if they can use home field advantage they should do well the rest of the way. The re-match this week against the Giants in Dallas will really show which way this team is going on the list. Next week will have a big jump either way.

chargersSan Diego Chargers


This is just another one of those up and down teams. The thing with these guys is they can be up and down from play to play. No consistency whatsoever. This has been an issue for years now so, as if anyone didn’t know, Norv Turner is on the hot seat. Phillip Rivers played horribly in the second half on the Monday before the Bye. He needs to clean that up if this team is going anywhere. Also, establishing a run game wouldn’t be a bad idea.

eaglesPhiladelphia Eagles


Yes, this team is inconsistent and win some games using smoke and mirrors. But they have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. If Mike Vick can start playing like a capable QB this team should move up these rankings. They turned it around last year far too late. They have to hope to turn it around much quicker this year or risk the same fate as last.

bengalsCincinnati Bengals


The Bengals are a team I probably like more than most. The offence has young cornerstones at the major positions. The defence is good enough to contend. They played the Steelers tough last Sunday night but couldn’t get enough big plays. With that said, 8 yards receiving from AJ Green and 105 passing from Andy Dalton against a division foe is not going to cut it. That loss to Cleveland earlier in the year may comeback to bite them come playoff time.

redskinsWashington Redskins


The Redskins would be much higher if they were not going through some injuries on the defensive side of the ball. The future looks bright with RGIII and Alfred Morris leading the offence. With a healthy defence I believe they beat the Giants last week and are much higher on the list. Future is bright. This year doesn’t look like the timing is right, though.

jetsNew York Jets


The Jets played New England very tough in New England this past Sunday. They lost the game in OT on a crushing Mark Sanchez fumble. They play the division tough and do what they can against the rest. This team would be much better if they could put the Tebow Vs. Sanchez debate to bed. Probably wasn’t a good idea to bring in Tebow in the first place. I do think this team will do better though and will inch up this list with 8-9 wins in the end.

saintsNew Orleans Saints


If this team had any semblance of a defence they would still be a top-tier team. Unfortunately for them, they don’t and the aren’t. They still do have that incredible offence though and with that they can still beat any team out there in a shootout. But it’s tough to rank them higher with a defence that bad. Saints fans should thank the world for Drew Brees, without him they may be down with the Jags (spoiler alert).

dolphinsMiami Dolphins


Sorry Dolphins fans, I don’t believe in this team. They have some nice pieces for the future but have some big holes on both sides of the ball. They don’t have any legit targets for their rookie QB Tannehill, even though he has looked great. I feel they will slow down their .500 start and wind up with closer to 6 wins than 8. If I had any confidence in Buffalo this team would be lower.

ramsSt. Louis Rams


This team is a complete homer dome team. Which is a little strange since the QB play has been so bad and they are completely a run first team, especially with Amendola injured for the year. For this team to take the next step Sam Bradford really needs to step up and showcase the skills that had so many so high on him after his rookie year. There is nowhere close to the growth you would expect from a first overall pick that was so promising only 2 shirt year ago.

titansTennessee Titans


Chris Johnson has come back to life the last 4 weeks which has put them on a 2 game winning streak. The defence has played relatively well for being a young learning unit. Jake Locker getting hurt takes a little bit away from the down field passing game as Matt Hasselbeck just doesn’t have the arm strength to get it down there consistently. It is a little surprising this team is sticking right in there after being blown out a couple of times already this year.

billsBuffalo Bills


This team seems to beat the teams it is supposed to beat and gets blown up by teams that are better. The vaunted front four has been more of a myth than actual accomplishments on the field this year. This team is being run on bigtime. They need to get these guys to learn to play with each other. There is too much talent to be allowing so many points week in and week out. Mario who?

cardsArizona Cardinals


Remember when I said I don’t give one iota of a shit about current record? This isn’t the standings. This team has had brutal quarterbacks play for the whole season and the defence is coming down to earth after playing other worldly. If it makes you feel better just pretend New England hit that very makeable FG and the win-loss record is reversed. This team is 0-3 over the last 3 weeks. What have you done for me lately?….. Change the channel.

coltsIndianapolis Colts


I like this story, but, Indy just isn’t good enough to continue to stay in the mix. Andrew Luck is going to be a GREAT QB, but he’s not there yet. This defence is also very questionable. I like the spunk they are playing with but I think once the grind comes these young guys are going to get worn down. I like them in a couple of years, or maybe even next year. But for right now, I’d take every team on this list ahead of them on a wager.

lionsDetroit Lions


Some may think this is low. I disagree. This team should have been shutout on Monday night football. How an offence with Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson can be so bad is insane to me. If Calvin is covered he must be getting triple teamed, if he is there must be huge holes everywhere else on the field, if he’s not then throw him the ball on every play until he is. The defence is not good enough to hold if the offence is playing this badly! Calvin must believe in the Madden Curse now.

raidersOakland Raiders


Oakland is a tough team to figure out. They beat the Steelers and they took the Falcons to the brink. They have also been slaughtered by the Dolphins and the Broncos, two teams that are 3-3. They were almost beaten by the Jags which would have been embarrassing in itself. Carson Palmer and the run game are just way too inconsistent to carry this team to anything better than originally thought. The defence is not good so without offensive consistency this will be a 5-6 win team.

bucsTampa Bay Bucs


Yes, I know Josh Freeman tossed for 420 yards this past week. That had more to do with being behind and the Saints defence being down right brutal. Even with all those yards they still lost. Maybe I’m being hard on this team but I just don’t see the upside. They are a very mediocre young team. Their secondary is old or injured or suspended, what is Aqib Talib right now anyway? All I know is he’s not playing. This team can prove me wrong with a big win Vs. Minnesota on Thursday night…..but I doubt it.

brownsCleveland Browns


This is the best of the one win teams. This team has the QB, the LT and the RB. The defence is pretty good and keeping them in games. With another high pick in next year’s draft this team should get another stud to fill one of their holes. I’d be going o-line from the 2nd round on. Maybe a pass rusher in the high first….. yes I am talking about the draft. This team is closer than their record suggests….but this season is over. Future is bright though.

panthersCarolina Panthers


Cam Newton needs to grow up. He can’t come to the microphone and pout after every game. It’s embarrassing for him and his team. The GM has already been fired, and all Cam is doing is putting a target on his coach, Ron Rivera’s back. This team is only going as far as Newton can take them as they are not all that talented a team. The backfield should be able to help with what they get paid but rarely do any of the three running backs help out too much.

chiefsKansas City Chiefs


Wow, you know you’re in trouble if Brady Quinn is the guy coming in to save the day. Matt Cassell can’t be too happy he is losing his job after an injury, to Quinn no less, but he wasn’t playing well at all before the injury. Problem here is, Brady Quinn’s start while Cassell was hurt led to another loss while he threw for only 180 yards and 2 picks. This team is going nowhere fast, having a very expensive backup in Matt Cassell will not help out in the future.

jagsJacksonville Jaguars


It’s tough to win when you have the worst QB in the league. Blaine Gabbert is that guy. I wouldn’t want him as my backup QB let alone starter. With MJD out this team is not capable of winning. It wont happen, not with Gabbert as the QB. The defence is not helping either, ranking below 25th in both passing and rushing. All in all, this team is a mess. I wouldn’t bet on them winning another game this season.

So there you have it. Feel free to comment below to let me know you would have ranked the teams just as I did. If, on the incredible off-chance you disagree, feel free to let me know. It’s well within your right to be wrong.


  1. Ryan Courcelle

    Ryan Courcelle

    October 26, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Well, it appears TB is better than I thought….or Minny is far far worse!!

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